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 Galaxy morphology
    1a. Virgo A Fractal, Stanley Novak
    1b. NGC 4486, Elliptical Virgo A ˜,   Virgo ClustercD0-1 pec
    2a. NGC 4477SB0(s)
    2b. Galaxy formation, animation
    3.   NGC 4636E0-1
    4.   NGC 6684(R')SB0^0(s)
    5.   NGC 1808, CUK, coloured(R)SAB(s)a
    6.   ESO..402Sc
    7.   NGC 7552(R')SB(s)ab
    8.   NGC 2442, ESASAB(s)bc pec
    9.   NGC 986SB(rs)ab
  10a. NGC 613 PhotosSB(rs)bc
  10b. NGC 613, ASP, coloured     SB(rs)bc
  10c. NGC 613, coloured by Astrojan,   in Constellation Sculptor     SB(rs)bc
  11.   NGC 90SAB(s)c pec
  12.   NGC 3718SB(s)a pec
  13.   NGC 7496 Galaxy PhotoSc
  14a. NGC 2713SB(rs)ab
  14b. NGC 2713, ASP, coloured     SB(rs)ab
  15.   NGC 17 ?
  16.   NGC 4597SB(rs)m
  17a. NGC 1097, RJ.GaBanySB(s)b
  17c. NGC 1097, ASP coloured by Astrojan,   Constellation Fornax     SB(s)b
  18a. NGC 3893SAB(rs)c
  18b. NGC 3893, coloured     SAB(rs)c
  18c. NGC 3893, coloured by Astrojan,   in Constellation Ursa Major     SAB(rs)c
  19.   NGC 6907, coloured by Astrojan,   CapricornusSB(s)bc
  20.   NGC 3347, NED fotó, colouredSB(rs)b
  21.   NGC 945SB(rs)c
  22.   NGC 5247, coloured by Astrojan,   VirgoSA(s)bc
  23.   NGC 1365, Barred SpiralSBb(s)b
  24b. NGC 3513, blueSB(s)c
  24c. NGC 3513, coloured by Astrojan,   Crater     SB(s)c
  24d. NGC 3513, 800x600     SB(s)c
  25.   NGC 1566SAB(s)bc
  26a. NGC 7755SB(rs)c
  26b. NGC 7755, red     SB(rs)c
  26c. NGC 7755, coloured by Astrojan     SB(rs)c
  27.   NGC 1300SB(rs)bc
  28.   NGC 6217(R)SB(rs)bc
  29a. NGC 5398, ASP(R')SB(s)dm pec
  29c. NGC 5398, coloured    (R')SB(s)dm pec
  30.   NGC 4548, M91, CUK colouredSBb(rs)
  31a. NGC 1096SB(rs)bc
  31b. NGC 1096, coloured     SB(rs)bc
  32.   NGC 4999, CUKSB(r)b
  33a. NGC 210SAB(s)b
  33c. NGC 210, coloured by Astrojan,   in Constellation Cetus     SAB(s)b
  34.   NGC 7171SB(rs)b
  35.   NGC 3627SAB(s)b
  36.   NGC 289SB(rs)bc
  37.   NGC 151SB(r)bc
  38.   NGC 2776SAB(rs)c
  39.   NGC 1073, purpleSB(rs)c
  40a. NGC 4051SAB(rs)bc
  40b. NGC 4051, ASP, coloured by Astrojan,   Ursa Major     SAB(rs)bc
  41.   NGC 4136SAB(r)c
  42.   NGC 7531, coloured by Astrojan,   GrusSAB(r)bc
  43a. NGC 6902 Galaxy PhotosSA(r)b
  43b. NGC 6902, coloured     SA(r)b
  44a. NGC 7424SAB(rs)cd
  44b. NGC 7424, coloured     SAB(rs)cd
  45a. NGC 5033SA(s)c
  45b. NGC 5033, R Jay GaBany     SA(s)c
  46.   NGC 578SAB(rs)c
  47.   IC 4839, CUK coloured(R)SAB(s)bc pec
  48a. NGC 2903SAB(rs)bc
  48d. NGC 2903, coloured by Astrojan     SAB(rs)bc
  48c. NGC 2903, Russell Croman     SAB(rs)bc
  49a. NGC 7412, smallSB(s)b
  49b. NGC 7412, coloured     SB(s)b
  49c. NGC 7412, coloured by Astrojan (1024x768)     SB(s)b
  50a. NGC 7038, CUK colouredSAB(s)c
  50b. NGC 7038, CUK red     SAB(s)c
  50c. NGC 7038, CUK blue     SAB(s)c
  51.   NGC 6221 coloured, Tripla CUK, ah   AraSB(s)c
  52.   NGC 4939SA(s)bc
  53.   NGC 1187, ESOSB(r)c
  54a. NGC 5054SA(s)bc
  54b. NGC 5054, red     SA(s)bc
  55.   NGC 2090SA(rs)c
  56.   NGC 4981, coloured by Astrojan,   VirgoSAB(r)bc
  57.   NGC 2196, CUK(R')SA(s)a
  58.   NGC 3395SAB(rs)cd pec
  59.   NGC 3673SB(rs)b
  60.   NGC 1309SA(s)bc
  61.   NGC 5161SA(s)c
  62.   NGC 4303, M61, redSAB(rs)bc
  63.   NGC 2997SAB(rs)c
  64a. NGC 5236, M83, ESOSAB(s)c
  64b. NGC 5236, M83, R. Jay GaBany     SAB(s)c
  64c. NGC 5236, M83, ESA     SAB(s)c
  65.   NGC 3780, coloured by Astrojan,   Ursa MajorSA(s)c
  66a. M31, Andromeda in UVSA(s)b
  66b. M31, Andromeda in IR     SA(s)b
  67a. NGC 224, Andromeda, Robert Gendler     SA(s)b
  67b. NGC 224, Tony Hallas     SA(s)b
  68.   NGC 4321, M100, Robert GendlerSAB(s)bc
  69.   NGC 5194, M51, Whirpool,   Canes VenaticiSA(s)bc pec
  70.   NGC 4411a, CFHTSB(rs)c
  71.   NGC 6946, FireworksSAB(rs)cd
  72a. NGC 3001SAB(rs)bc
  72c. NGC 3001, coloured by Astrojan     SAB(rs)bc
  73.   NGC 1042SAB(rs)cd
  74a. NGC 5494SA(s)c
  74b. NGC 5494, coloured by Astrojan     SA(s)c
  75.   NGC 5885SAB(r)c
  76.   NGC 2835, ASPSB(rs)c
  77.   NGC 3124SAB(rs)bc
  78.   NGC 6984SB(r)c
  79a. NGC 1493SB(r)cd
  79c. NGC 1493, coloured     SB(r)cd
  80.   NGC 3433SA(s)c
  81a. NGC 7125SAB(rs)c
  81b. NGC 7125, coloured by Astrojan     SAB(rs)c
  82a. NGC 4603SA(s)c
  82b. NGC 4603     SA(s)c
  83a. NGC 598, Messier 33SA(s)cd
  83b. Messier 33, Triangulum, Robert Gendler,   Triangulum     SA(s)cd
  84.   NGC 3310SAB(r)bc pec
  85a. NGC 3031, Bode Messier 81SA(s)ab
  85c. NGC 3031, Russell Croman     SA(s)ab
  85d. NGC 3031, Bode Messier 81, Robert Gendler,   Ursa Major     SA(s)ab
  86.   NGC 1232, ESOSAB(rs)c
  87a. NGC 3464SB(rs)c
  87b. NGC 3464, red     SB(rs)c
  88.   NGC 3726SAB(r)c
  89.   NGC 2082, ESASAB(rs+)c
  90a. IC 342SAB(rs)cd
  90b. IC 342, Tony Hallas     SAB(rs)cd
  91.   NGC 3982, Hubble Space Telescope,   Constellation Ursa MajorSAB(r)b
  92.   NGC 5334SB(rs)c
  93a. NGC 628, M74SA(s)c
  93b. NGC 628, The Perfect Spiral, Messier 74,   Pisces     SA(s)c
  94a. NGC 4736, M94(R)SA(r)ab
  94b. NGC 4736, M94    (R)SA(r)ab
  95.   NGC 4145SAB(rs)d
  96.   NGC 5457, M101SAB(rs)cd
  97a. NGC 3370SA(s)c
  97b. NGC 3370, ESA     SA(s)c
  98.   NGC 3631SA(s)c
  99a. NGC 2967SA(s)c
  99b. NGC 2967, coloured     SA(s)c
100a. NGC 5085SA(s)c
100b. NGC 5085, coloured     SA(s)c
100d. NGC 5085, coloured by Astrojan     SA(s)c
101a. NGC 3223SA(s)b
101b. NGC 3223, coloured     SA(s)b
101c. NGC 3223, coloured by Astrojan     SA(s)b
102a. NGC 2223SAB(r)b
102b. NGC 2223, coloured     SAB(r)b
102c. NGC 2223, coloured by Astrojan,   Canis Major     SAB(r)b
103.   NGC 1288SAB(rs)c
104a. NGC 2336SAB(r)bc
104b. NGC 2336, red     SAB(r)bc
105.   Messier 95SB(r)b
106a. NGC 3344(R)SAB(r)bc
106c. NGC 3344, coloured    (R)SAB(r)bc
106b. NGC 3344, HST    (R)SAB(r)bc
107a. NGC 3486SAB(r)c
107b. NGC 3486, UGC 6079, coloured red,   Leo Minor     SAB(r)c
108a. NGC 6744SAB(r)bc
108b. NGC 6744, green     SAB(r)bc
108c. NGC 6744, coloured     SAB(r)bc
109.   NGC 45, SDSSSA(s)dm
110a. Fractal by Stanley Novak
110c. Hurricane Floyd near Florida
110d. Spiral Fractal, Stanley Novak
 Galaxy classification

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